Raw Renovation: BEFORE TOUR

So, I have held onto this video for 10 months. We moved into a 1950’s FORECLOSURE and there was a meth lab in the porch. Before even unpacking, we ripped out the porch and got all of that OUT!
We were hoping to live in Nellie Mae for a little while and work on the Hope house and then move in… that did not happen! We found a renter and she needed the place asap- so we just literally threw our stuff inside the house. This video is right after we moved in- the truest state of the house- me unpacking- and Tim ripping stuff out. Doesn’t get anymore real than this.
It was obviously in terrible shape. The bedrooms were fine- everything had a fresh coat of paint and we scrubbed the hardwoods really good. However, the house was a nightmare. Tim fell through the bathroom floor. The addition was built onto the house but never finished… there were sliding glass doors in the middle of the house.

We are 2 weeks from being done with the kitchen. Check back for an after video-
Here is a current shot of the kitchen… we are getting appliances and cabinets this weekend! please ignore my pink beach towel- still airing out the house from polyurethane floors.
2013-03-18 21.15.18

Here is the finished addition and new front door… you can also see older posts for more completion pictures…

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