Budget Breakdown

Running total as of 7/29/10, $9650.00 I have more to add!


Appliances- craigslist, $795

Cabinets- craigslist, $175

Sink, Faucet/sprayer, built in soap pump- craigslist, $60

Recessed Canned lighting- yard sale, $15 

Wrought Iron Pot Rack- craigslist, $20


Sink Vanity- Home Depot Clearance aisle, $115

toilet- Home Depot Clearance aisle, $60 plus(toilet seat, $15)

 Mirrored white medicine cabinet- HD Clearance aisle, $30

Shower head- HD Clearance, $11     

Sink Faucet- Lowes Clearance, $14

Bathroom light fixture, Lowes Clearance, $25

 Bathtub, Lowes Clearance, $25

Bathroom fan, Home Depot, $15

The Addition/ 3rd bedroom

8 2×4 studs for utility room, HD $23

concrete, HD, $13

doorjam, Builders Surplus, $50

 window, HD Clearance, $78

special light fixture I had to have, Lowes Clearance, $50 (originally, $140) to be revealed later…

New Half  Bath Addition

toilet, craigslist, $80

light fixture, cousin gave it to me, FREE!

vanity, Lowes Clearance, $82

Sink, craigslist, $20

Mirror above sink, $20 HD Clearance

Tiffany night lamp, Lowes Clearance, $8


ceiling fan, Lowes clearance, $50

 Dining Room

Chandelier, Lowes Clearance, $45


Phase 1- $500

Phase 2- $300

Phase 3- $1000

Plumbing $1500

Drywall – $1500

 Dump Costs so far- $400

Interior Paint- $40

Stackable washer/dryer- $400

Tire Removal- $100

Insulation- $1000

Lumber – $800

Front Door- $150

Hot Water Heater- $50 Surplus Center



1 Response to Budget Breakdown

  1. Meghan says:

    Hey girl,
    I just read in Real Simple magazine lately that Habitat for Humanity has some stores where they sell items that were purchased for homes but not used for some reason or another. They sell the items for a great price, and proceeds go to HFH, so it’s for a good cause. If you already know about this, great! But just in case you didn’t, I wanted to tell you so you could check it out for anything from appliances to the kitchen sink. I’m going to check one out in Gwinnett county soon.


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