Who are we?

Welcome. We are Tim & Jen. We are 30. People think we are a little crazy. Our life journey may indeed confirm that. We met at 18 when we were babies and now about to celebrate 9 years of marriage. We focus on our faith, our family, and our dreams and have gone hard after them at all costs. We’ve had many addresses, many babies, many jobs, but only 1 main mission. To live out our passions and make what we do matter. My husband went back to school to get his HVAC degree and now has the job of his dreams. In 2010 we launched our dream to renovate houses. Although our babies were only 3 and 1, we loved it so much we decided to do it again. We turned the first house renovation into our first rental property, Nellie Mae. We moved into our current house, The Hope House, summer of 2012. Tim works full time as a Commercial Technician, rips apart and renovates our home by hand, and is still a pretty high energy awesome dad! I wear many hats as well. My primary job is a stay at home wifey and mama to our 2 precious children. I shop and budget for the homes we buy. Our main mission is to know Christ, make Him known, and live out our God-given talents with no regrets.You can visit our personal blog here.

**Update 2020.

We are now 38 with three kids, an 11 year old daughter and 2 teenage boys (Surprise! We adopted 6 years ago) Our biological son and adopted son are 6 weeks apart. You can read more about that journey on our personal blog above. We started our own heating and air business over 5 years ago. Tim got a verse from the Lord shortly after Nellie Mae to “dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness”. This has been a challenge. Even though we make a lot of risky and adventurous decisions, we have stayed put, fought the fights, and stayed in the game. Our campus pastor told us when we were 21 and doing missions full time at the University of Georgia, that sometimes the biggest mission you can live isn’t to go die in another country, but to live your life. To love your neighbor when its hard, to fight for your marriage and relationships with kids, and to keep your head down and work hard. We have tried to live both that mission and saying yes to exciting things so that our kids will not see us back down from difficult things.  It also looks like renovating is just a theme in our life, whether its a house or ourselves.  Thanks for reading along!


7 Responses to Who are we?

  1. Jen — I think this is GREAT! I would LOVE to have the nerves to do something like this! I look forward to following your renovation journey! How exciting!

  2. Robin says:

    Wow! I would love to do something like this but we just don’t have the money. What great potential! Can’t wait to see what y’all do!

  3. Carrie Brookshire says:

    Jen- Found your blog through Amber Vestal’s website. I am in interior designer in Savannah and my husband and I have built two new houses…but have always wanted to take on a fixer upper. I am loving your blog. Wanted to offer…I have some light fixtures that might work on your house. Two small copper exterior lanterns and atleast one brushed nickel ceiling mounted fixture. We bought them for our last house and ended up using something different. They are new…just not in boxes. Would you be interested in having these? I can send you pictures. Email me and let me know.

  4. Dan Carfang says:

    Tim & Jen,
    Awesome…awesome…awesome! This is the coolest project ever for such a young couple and family. Embrace it, enjoy it and love it in good health and may all your dreams come true as your lives unfold. Take care and may God bless you always.

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