The Hope House: Before

This is our new home!! And our 2nd house renovation, wahoo! I also updated this site a little and if you scroll over the top tabs, you will see a drop down menu of the details on the renovations…. and please don’t judge, I know very little about websites and am already pretty sleep deprived =)

It is a lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom spacious ranch in downtown Marietta. We are IN LOVE. The location and house made it an absolute perfect candidate for a re-haul. We truly feel like we hit the jackpot because it really is just in need of a cosmetic makeover with a few structural changes. This house has updated and new plumbing, electrical, hvac, insulation, and roofing. All a huge plus. However- it is a cosmetic nightmare and some VERY awkward layouts. It was a foreclosure as well. What does this call for? Some demolition and a TON of great deals on everything to update this house. We are so excited! The only downside to this go around is…… we moved right in. There was not any hot water for 2 days, but we moved that up to top priority and Tim got that handled. Luckily, we had 4 days between closing and moving into this house before our renter moved in to Nellie Mae- we definitely drove back and forth to shower! My 5 year old asked me, “Mommy, will we always drive to Nellie Mae for baths or will we get a bath at the new house?” I kind of wanted to string him along, but told him that his super-daddy would have it fixed asap! And so he did!

We moved in Wednesday and demolition started 3 days later. More photos to come of ripping out stuff! Our babies are 5 and 3. There are parts about it that make it very hard and stressful sometimes, but on the other end, my kids are completely entertained and are very into all of it. It makes for some fun memories.  They were 3 and 1 when we renovated Nellie Mae so maybe I am just ready for the chaos this time. David helped rip down some walls today and Mackenzie came in and out in about 3 different outfits, with high heels, and dug worms while we ripped down the shed inside the carport. You just have to go with it. So, here is the before…

The exterior front

The carport with a lovely piece of lattice that is hiding, guess what? A shed. What is it with the homes we buy and sheds? And this one is creepy- beyond creepy- cant wait to post demo pics of what we found in it today.

Screened in porch off the backside of the carport.

Awesome 1958 kitchen with fluorescent lights, how bout it?

Super awkward room off the kitchen, with yes, sliding glass doors in the middle of the house. Crazy. And that is a fake fireplace.

Beautiful Family room, but previous owners had turned it into a bedroom style room and closed it off with a door. That is coming down.

Hallway off den to go down to the 3 bed and 2 baths

Bedroom # 1- All bedrooms are okay. Just need new fixtures and I did some serious floor scrubbing.

Bedroom # 2

Bedroom # 3

Ugly Bathroom # 1- I know teal tile is some people’s thing, but we are going to gut it- there were leaks and we are going to rip out and replace sub floor.

Laundry room right next to the front door entrance- no worries it will be moved- and that space actually backs up to the master bathroom so we can expand it by 4 feet. No pics of the master bathroom yet b/c it is too heinous. Well, that and I forgot!

The beautiful awesome backyard.

That’s the tour, here we go!!


2 Responses to The Hope House: Before

  1. shelley riddle says:

    y’all are crazy, ha ha! I bet you are excited about the extra space though!! 🙂 Hope we get to see you some this summer.

  2. Kelli Bollman says:

    LOVE the Hope House!!! Can’t wait to see it in person…maybe this summer?!? Y’all are awesome!!!!! 🙂

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