Trammell House Master Suite

Although this house looked pretty great from the before pictures, the inside layout was a hot mess. Basically, they decided to “add on” a sunroom in the back, but didn’t close off any of the windows to the rest of the house. So, the interior bedroom windows looked onto the sunroom. The sunroom was also not a conditioned space. It was awkwardly attached with a half bath and just didn’t make any sense. There was also an exterior door which was going to make our project require a lot of thought to make it work.

We decided to take the sunroom and adjoining room with just a toilet and convert to a mudroom/laundry with exterior exit to back yard and reconfigure the rest of that huge space into a master suite including closets, bedroom, and master bathroom. We tackled this space first because we really wanted our kids bedrooms to look normal (no more windows looking into other bedrooms) and also have our own space. Also, it was not fun having 5 people share a shower so we were motivated.

Here is the progression, check out the window movement closely! Liz Sicard has been our design help and her slides are below, I would pick out everything white or gray so I’m thankful for the color she has brought in!


The finished….

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