The Trammell House Before Pics

Shortly after finishing our “forever home” (wink wink) on Hope Street, we had some dear neighbors that were moving off the street. We drove to see their new project and on that same morning driving back home, we cut down Trammell Street one week before Christmas 2019…….

We saw a for sale sign in this bungalow right off the historic Marietta Square that was 100 years old and had a contract fall through and hit the market again. Rumor has it, Alton Brown had it under contract for commercial housing for visiting clients. The house boasted historic windows, floors, plaster walls, and a huge lot with endless potential. It was love at first sight. We both saw it in its completed state, but it would be another marathon. It was lived in most of its life by a couple that lived into their 90’s. The husband was a blacksmith and the wife was a seamstress. His blacksmith equipment still in the detached garage/ barn/carriage house. We have plans of keeping the downstairs a garage and renovating the top floor into a finished one bedroom/bath with family room, kitchenette, separate entryway, own driveway to the street behind us, carriage house. It would make a perfect space for our growing teens and ultimately a really cute Airbnb. Luckily, it is grandfathered in because of new code and city requirements.

We decided to immediately make an offer, went under contract the next day, and closed 2 weeks later. It was “move in ready” with a cosmetic finish, but a logistical nightmare and every system needed to be replaced (electrical, plumbing, hvac).

There were 5 bedrooms with 3 not making sense, an unfinished upstairs bungalow that Mackenzie has claimed as her room, and a stairwell to the dirt floor basement, but high enough to walk around. Also, only 1.5 bathrooms. We immediately got help with a plan and the 5 spaces became 3 normal sized bedrooms including master with new bath, one office, and one mudroom with an exterior door to go out the back. Currently, Mackenzie is living in the office until we renovate the upstairs. We immediately dealt with putting in brand new hvac, a new driveway, drainage issues in the yard, and decided to take on our master bedroom. Check out our post on Trammell House Master Suite. I know I always say it, but this might truly be my forever house 😉



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