A little completion…

And a say a little completion because we still have our hands full! We have completed some rooms I want to share. Other than staying up until 5am a few nights this week and dropping a gallon of paint on my toe and breaking it this morning…. it has been a great week! My son is turning 4 this weekend so I wanted to be ready for some friends and family to come over! Praise the Lord for Tim, he is a super star. I’ve gone a little nuts and don’t sleep anymore and he is our rock over here. I love you Tim! Pics below.

Things we are still living without: HVAC, arrived today… getting hooked up as soon as my man can do it! Hot water- he is running the gas lines for it tomorrow. Little details- miscellaneous trim work throughout the house, random paint touchups, and lots of boxes to unpack.

The Dining Room Before and After.


Our dining room table was made out of Cherry Wood by Tim’s father, Chef. Chef also brings me flowers almost every time he comes over and those are my first beautiful flowers from him.

Nellie Mae is even more special now because this China Cabinet was my mom and dad’s when they first got married. They bought it from their landlord for $10 35 years ago. I think it’s beautiful and it sits perfect in our little 1950s home.

Dining room cost: everything given to us except my silk curtains = $60 for the set. A sweet friend of ours owns a silk drapery company.

This is our half bath that did not exist before. It was a hallway to the bedrooms that Tim closed off and made separate entrances so we could have 2 bathrooms.

Sink- $13, Craigslist

Faucet- $80, Home Depot… not on sale. I splurged.

Mirror- $11, Home Depot Clearance

Vanity- $80 from Lowes Clearance, originally $350. I did antique it my self though for $10 with paint and sand paper. It was a light wood honey color and I love dark wood.

Fixture- free from our cousin Elizabeth!

Total cost of half bath- $184. Real value of half bath- $580.

 I will have more of the tour up soon. We  haven’t ordered cable or internet yet, mainly b/c we have no time for either! We are so excited about our progress and the house!

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2 Responses to A little completion…

  1. Ashly says:

    Jen…that is freakin’ awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks great. But seriously, 5 am? get a grip girl and get some sleep! Ridiculous! It will get done, no need to kill yourself in the process:)

    Invite us over soon! Love you!

  2. Beth Stewart says:

    It’s so impressive what you’ve done. Great job! Be proud and take a nap. Working without the air must be getting to your head.

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