Bedroom # 1

So, it always takes more time than you think. That is what I’ve learned. I’ve also learned that as long as we live in this house, I will constantly be working on the next project. I think this may be a truth no matter where you live!

So, we have 3 bedrooms. Yes, to answer people’s questions, we have been living here since Labor Day. Projects slowed down when we moved in due to unpacking/organizing/purging.

Here is bedroom number 1! It is our 4 year old son’s room. It’s actually pretty big and will one day be a shared room with him and our daughter . I’m thinking bunk beds for them. You can’t see it, but behind the entry door is where I store all of their toys. In a huge cube wall shelf. His closet also has toys (and even under his bed!)




That darn garbage truck keeps making it in all the photos!! Okay, I will try to post the last 2 bedrooms asap! That Master and the Nursury is coming up!

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