The Farmer and the Dell

One of the first things I wanted to do at this house was have a garden! The renter that lived here for 40 years had one every year. So, it was perfectly prepared for us to use.  It is also 1 acre so what else am I going to do with huge amounts of open space during the summer?!! I realized earlier this week that we had not yet started our garden. We are still cleaning out tree debris in the backyard from the last post! So, I got crazy one night and stayed up and tilled the whole garden with a shovel. I know you are supposed to use a tiller, but that involved us going to get my dads and who knows what else. It was easy to shovel for hours and shovel frustration away, ha! My husband always says I do things the hard way, but you know what? We have a garden now =)

I didn’t really know how “into it” the kids would be, but holy cow, they think it is the coolest thing ever. I guess I never realized what a neat lesson it would be to teach them how we get food. David is just blown away by the whole thing and the first thing he asked was if we could grow candy. Did I mention this will be a great lesson?! They also go ouside everyday and just watch it. And watch for food to appear. They haven’t quite gotten that it will take a couple of weeks!

Here is the garden stats:

It is a 12 x 20 foot long rectangle

We’ve planted tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, sweet potatos, cantelope, watermelon, eggplant, squash, zucchini, and pumpkin.

I have planted marigolds and grated Irish spring soap to keep away bugs, deer, and bunnies.

And I sing to it. Just kidding, but I have no idea if this whole thing will work so I’ll keep you posted. I grew grass, so I figure it can’t be rocket science. I also feel like it’s in my blood since my mom grew up on farmland. And since my grandpa and great grandpa built Nellie-Mae, it has to work out, right?!

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