One Step Forward

I had to have one, just ONE room kind of normal. There is something mentally helpful about one room of the house not really needing anything while you are doing a live-in renovation! The family room was the perfect candidate. After we scrubbed the floors to death, I had everything ready to go in there. All I bought for this room was a $39 mirror from Home Depot in a clearance box. My mom gave me the super old bookcase she had in her room as a little girl. It is a really cool piece and I’m leaving it as is, naturally distressed.  *I will eventually replace that white ceiling fan, but I am going to ignore it right now.  This is probably my favorite room in the house because it has the 3 giant floor to ceiling windows across the back. Our backyard has trees and a beautiful magnolia tree so we don’t even need blinds which is a plus.  Anyway, it’s pretty comfy. When I don’t want to deal with the rest in the house, I pull out a book and pretend the rest of the house is just as finished! The wall to the left where you can see the edge of a box is coming down….. but that will happen when we re-do the kitchen. It will be a huge cased opening  from the den to the kitchen, instead of a small doorway.

Bathroom gutting is underway by Tim and I am slowly painting the exterior of the house, not the brick, just the siding. I am also re-landscaping the outside. It’s all a big mess because I have mainly ripped out a bunch of things and the house is painted in sections!! I shop deals constantly and work on things that a girl can do, haha! I don’t gut bathrooms- especially one from 1958 that is underlying with mold. And meth. Okay, probably not, but you get the idea.

We are in the hardest stage where we have so many things that need to be done that it gets overwhelming. You have to just pick one thing and try to finish it without getting side tracked by other issues. After the bathroom, we will begin to re-do the horribly awkward addition with sliding glass doors in the middle of the house and the washer and dryer next to the front door. I am the most excited about the new floor plan there- it is going to be awesome!! Here is the family room- enjoy!

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3 Responses to One Step Forward

  1. Jessica Willis says:

    Jen, it looks amazing! Love it!!!!!

  2. beverly says:

    love everything about it!! XO

  3. Cristna Hartman says:

    You guys are amazing! Where are all of the toys ? : ) A momentary picture without kid’s stuff?

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