Oh dear, I mean OH RATS!

I would like to think that I am a supportive wife, but there are some things that push me over the edge a little……

Yes, a 1 1/2 ft. dead RAT carcus is one of the things that can just be a little much. Seriously? Yes.

This rat’s name is Murphy and Tim currently has him laying on the front porch of the house. Murphy was found under that DARN bathtub that he had to sledge hammer out because it literally wieghed 600lbs. So, I will try to find positives like I always do and I only came up with 2.

1. Praise the LORD I was not there when Murphy was “discovered”

2. From the looks of him, hopefully rats are long gone and not a problem. At least it wasn’t alive….

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7 Responses to Oh dear, I mean OH RATS!

  1. Eric D says:

    It looks mummified! NICE!

  2. Ashly says:

    that is disgusting!!!

  3. Jess says:

    I saw Murphy while I was there. Rats are long gone but the house looks amazing! This is going to look amazing when it is done. I am so excited for y’all!!!

  4. Robin says:

    Oh ewww!!! That’s all I have to say…ew. 🙂

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