The In-law Suites

Well, I don’t even really know how to begin to describe the backyard of this place. Since it is on 1 acre of land, I guess the renter decided to get a bit creative with what to do with all the space. So, he decided to build a shed, and another one behind that…..

 And, just in case those 2 sheds were not enough, he built 3 more…

Unbelievable, right? I just don’t get it, here’s another shot…

A sweet, elderly man was the renter of this property before. God bless his soul because he had extension cords running from the house and through the trees to power these sheds and have electricity. Sweet Jesus he was safe and the place didn’t burn slap to the ground!

Anyway, it’s been an ongoing joke that these are our “inlaw suites.” Since my inlaws, who are just Saints,  are letting us live with them during this rehab and helping with the kids so much, we decided to return the favor. Aren’t we nice?!

Anyway, after seeing the “structures”, or as I also refer to them as, “The Shed Train”, I was curious as to what was inside. Dear God.

In Shed # 1: A WELL. Thats right, a real live well in the ground. Great, that’s just what I need my toddlers to play with since they are wild. No worries, Tim is capping that bad boy off right at the ground. No more well.

In Shed #2: Canned/ Pickled vegetables of all sorts

In Shed # 3: Junk, just a whole lot of crap

So, there you go. What will we do with these little structures? Well, unfortunately for them a bobcat is going to come mow them down and haul them off to the dump. I’m thinking nice, green grass with a playground. It’s hard to envision that one right now…

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4 Responses to The In-law Suites

  1. Jess says:

    I want to see the house again. We are going to visit this weekend because I am sure it has changed so much since last weekend!

  2. Cecilia says:

    You have your own shanty town in your backyard ;). I’m sure the kids will love a playground though!

  3. Robin says:

    I was thinking it reminded me of a shanty town!! Or something you’d see way up in the mountains hiding a moonshine still! 🙂

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