Nellie Mae: The Mansion.

Big news with Nellie Mae, she’s getting an addition =) We decided for many reasons, including my sanity, resale value, and appraisal of the house…. to add another bedroom!! I am one happy mama!

With the house being on 1 acre of land, a front porch, and a fence we are going to put up in the back yard…. we decided to kiss our back porch goodbye. Granted, it will not be a huge bedroom, but it will have a closet and a window, and a french door leading outside! I am SO excited about this. Now it can be categorized as a 3 bedroom, the third room being for an office or nursury!

So, framing has begun…. its a perfect stage since we are underway with electrical.

Other things going on:

1. The house has been tested for asbestos, we should find out the results by Monday. The inspector said he is pretty sure there is none. If there is any it is just on the kitchen floor. It can be removed, not easily, but it can be done. We know how and will do it if it’s a positive test.

2. Next week the plumber, family friend, is coming out. We will get plans and materials going for that so when electrical is done…. we’ll be ready for plumbing. Tim now officially talks in “builder lingo” and had to explain to me what a Ditch Witch was today. For pete’s sake, its a digger that digs out plumbing lines super fast and easy. Who knew?

3. I can’t WAIT to post our purchases so far on the house, how our budget is going, and share the kitchen plans!!! I am going to post every dollar spent on here and money saved. We have found some AMAZING deals out there and I will share all my secrets!

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