A Quick Flip

So, I was about to chunk this old piece into the dumpster, until I was informed by several people that we had our hands on a rare antique!

Apparently,  these are a collectors item because it was made out of 100% cast iron porcelain. It is HEAVY.  It is also unique because it sits on an all aluminum cabinet!

So, they are retailing on ebay for around $500. We are going to clean it up, paint the aluminum with a coat of white, oil based paint, and sell it! I’m going to put it on craigslist first.

Why aren’t we keeping it? Since we are updating the house and the “antique” look isn’t completely my style…. it makes sense to sell it. It would be more expensive to antique the whole house with original items than to sell this and get updated pieces.

Ill let you know how much it goes for and put up some after pics!

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