D is for Demo

My suspicions are confirmed about renovation shows, it is truly annoying and slow dealing with the county to get permits and inspections. The inspector was a no show yesterday and is going to try and come today or tomorrow…. or next Christmas, whatever is best for him. Sheesh!  Well, yesterday I decided to take the kids over to see the demo. My 3 year old thinks there is no greater thing in life except this house. The house looks at its WORST right now if that is possible. All the walls are coming down!

 Why? Well, #1. There is no insulation in the walls, so we will put that in. And, #2. It will take all worries away with any mold being there if it is just gone! #3. It will allow re-wiring and plumbing to go about 10 x’s faster!

So, we found TERMITES. But, they are inactive. AND, they didn’t eat any wood, they ate the darn DRYWALL! Unbelievable and lucky I guess. We are taking steps to make sure termites never come back in the home again. So, we are glad we ripped it down. It was kind of fun. My 3 year old was allowed to kick, hit, and hammer the walls to knock it down… he was in heaven!

This picture shows the termite colonies through the drywall, just amazing to me… and nasty!

Also, we found several dead hornet nests in the walls. If you read our tweets, we also put up a mailbox, killed a small snake in the yard, and gave another tour to a drive-by. It was quite a day, I have tons of pics to post of the addition that is almost done, and a fun update with the kitchen!

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2 Responses to D is for Demo

  1. jessicasykes says:

    Awesome! When I saw David yesterday he said “Daddy is building me a house.” Although he may have said Tim instead of daddy :). Life’s an adventure!!!!

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