Box Kitchen

I know the “box kitchen” idea is not new, but my brilliant husband thought we should do it for our kitchen layout!

When you have a blank slate, it is good to actually visualize your cabinets! If you just get a ton of empty boxes, for free of course, and some spray paint… you are ready to go!

It is a great idea because you avoid making dumb mistakes. For example, having the most efficient use of cabinets, light switches, the kinds of drawers you want, and making sure you dont put the oven and dishwasher opening up against eachother! Here is our lovely box kitchen, now we are ready to purchase cabinets and know the exact sizes we need.

Don’t worry, I’m not keeping the window treatments, just keeping them for a little privacy until the house is ready! I found the deal of all deals… check our our updated deals and budget page!


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