Dead Man’s Corner

In the corner of the den, there was a wood  burning stove. At some point, it was removed and “coverd up.” After we took out the ceiling, you could see where they left the other half of the chimney there. However, if you notice, there is no direct support under the chimney at ALL. It is probably 1,000 lbs of bricks and mortar suspended between some lumber in the structure of the house. UNBELIEVABLE.  We refer to this corner of the den as “Dead Man’s Corner”. No one is allowed to go near that corner b/c it truly could give way at any point in time. This causing chimney to come crashing to the ground. Tim is going to brick by brick, remove the chimney from the roof, patch the plywood and shingles, and then no more death trap!! He said the bricks are so old that chipping them off is not going to be a massive deal. I can’t wait to watch this sucker come out! Crazy!

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