Pictures of the Addition

Some days it seems like this project is moving really fast. Other days, it feels like we have set backs and it’s going to take forever! Right now, we’ve ripped down all the walls, as well as the ceiling. We found some termite damage that needs to be replaced before moving on with the next phase of electrical and plumbing. It isn’t a huge deal, just a few pieces of wood to be replaced, but time is costly!

Here are some updated pictures of the 3rd bedroom! I am so excited about this room. It is a small 10 x 10 room, but its very bright and has a vaulted ceiling. It will be a perfect room for our smallest child. I’m excited about this week and we are having our first “Nellie Mae Yard Day” on July 5th. We’ll be renting a bobcat and taking out all the sheds, removing all debris and trash from the property, and dumping out some gravel for the driveway! It will make a big difference cleaning up the outer appearance. We are repainting the whole exterior and going to landscape the house last. Such big dreams for this little house!

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  1. It’s coming along nicely! Keep up the hard work! It will pay off 🙂

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