Sorry, HGTV!

So Yes. We had started the process of getting our home renovation on HGTV, but we had to turn them down…. I was emailing with the casting director and they wanted us to hault our project and wait until September to start filming it. They offered to pay us for the show, but it wasn’t enough. And, it wasn’t worth our time to wait until then to start filming. I don’t really like the idea of the project going into the winter months either. Another reason we declined was that it wasn’t a show where they help you. They just send out a camera crew of about 5 people to follow you around. They like drama, demo, and real life problems. Right now, there is enough drama with babies and projects and moving without a darn camera crew! Ha! Anyway, we think HGTV is pretty awesome, it just wasn’t the right thing for us right now. We are ready to keep trucking along and be happily settled by September. Maybe we’ll send them our before and after pics and they will do something with those!

Anyway, we found some termite damage and that is being repaired today! Tomorrow, the re-wiring of the house begins and the plumber is also coming out with a game plan.  I never posted depressing pictures of ripping the walls down and the termites. It was awful. We tore them down to put brand new ones up. Good thing b/c we got rid of mold and termites and are putting in insulation.  It looks like a drywall hurricane came through. The termites are inactive, but we are doing massie termite control to prevent them from ever coming back.  Here is the worst our house will ever look…. we call it our “Rock Bottom Week.” This one below shows the termite damage we found. Tim has to replace the subfloor in this section as well as part of the framing, not a huge deal, but GROSS.  I will post more pics of the house after the repairs and how clean, bare, and empty it is!

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