Bathroom, Bare Bones, Cabinets!

There is so much going on that it is really hard to keep up with!! Here is the deal! What I am most excited about the deals we have found on EVERYTHING. They keep getting better and BETTER!

1. The termite damage is taking longer than we thought. Any place where termites might have been suspected, Tim has removed the wood and replacing it with new.  It is just time consuming b/c he is carefully removing the hardwoods and replacing subfloor and bracing. Picture below.

2. Plumbing was estimated and looked at and to replumb/ update the whole house it’s going to be around $1500. Which is great and under budget for what we thought.  We are up to $800 with electrical so far which is awesome also. Tim is working along side and doing  alot of labor, but having a licensed electrician and plumber guide him. Saving tons this way..

3. The brilliant plumber thought of a great idea: turning our hallway into a half bath, YAY!!! Im going to have to post picture, but basically there was a small hallway off the den to the bedrooms…. so small the size of a half bath! So, we are recreating 2 different doorways to the bedrooms and going to have a half bath off the den! YES! I’m excited that this house has been transformed from a 2 Bed/ 1 bath to now a 3 Bed/ 1.5 bath…. it will make this family of 4 quite comfy!

4. I seriously got the best deal on cabinets, EVER. I have been shopping them out on craigslist. I found an awesome guy in Canton who does remodeling and had a warehouse full. Would you believe I showed up and found the exact ones to match our kitchen floor plan??? Not only that, they are white, custom, all wood, trimmed out cabinets that are worth a few thousand dollars. Guess how much I paid? $25 a cabinet!!! So, all cabinets in kitchen equal $175. It’s pretty fantastic!

Here is a view of the kitchen! So much bigger with all the debris out, whew! Thanks to Tims dad for literally cleaning this place up!

Here is the full bathroom, Tim busted out a wall to make it bigger, and also turned it into a jack and jill bathroom…. entrances from both bedrooms to the bathroom!Here is where the half bath will be…. just not framed in yet!!

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1 Response to Bathroom, Bare Bones, Cabinets!

  1. Amy says:

    I am impressed! You are quite the bargain shopper, aren’t you?! =)

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