Let’s Make A Deal!

So, Craigslist is kind of booming for us right now. I decided to REALLY hunker down and go for some deals. And baby, that’s what happened. I’ve been so busy wheeling and dealing that I haven’t even had time to take pictures! But, I will!

Deals of the Week:

GE Stackable Washer/Dryer Full Size capacity, Retails $1499. I paid $400 on Craigslist. We went with stackable so I can make every little square foot count in this house.

22 Gallons of Benjamin Moore Paint, Retails $880. I paid $40 on Craigslist for all of it! (By the way, the paint colors are great! My mother in law knows how to tint them to whatever color you want also, so thats why I was a little brave on this one).

13 Storm Windows for the house. We needed to address the single paned windows. Window World is the cheapest for new windows and installation, but would have cost $2600. Clearanced windows and we install ourselves would cost around $1000 plus our labor. So, last option was Storm Windows b/c you leave the single paned windows and add those. We decided to go that route b/c the house is so small that we aren’t talking about heating/cooling a HUGE space here! Low and behold I found 13 Storm Windows on Craigslist that Retail, $520. I paid $25 for all 13 from a dude on Craigslist.

I have more, but I’ll keep posting… and I need pictures! So, we have found our niche. We are not necessarily a blog about design, construction, or even renovating a house. I think we may be the first people to completely gut and renovate a home for the cheapest amount possible. Here is the difference…. I don’t consider Tim or myself “cheap” people…. actually our taste is kind of what gets us in trouble! I would say “thrifty” would be a good word for what we have done b/c we have found quality, name brand, really nice things for dirt cheap! And…. I love not paying full price for something!

So, what is the secret? I don’t know. I dont know what I am doing or not doing. So, I tell you what I do and if it helps anyone in their endeavors… .great!

I find what I like. And I look for it. When I find it for sales on craigslist or wherever, I immediately inquire. I am very direct. I send an email or I will call if there is a number. I say this everytime.

“Hey! My name is Jennifer. I found your ad on craigslist and I was just wondering if your _____ was still for sale?” And I wait…

“Great, well I would love to come buy it from you. Would you take $50 cash for it and I could come tonight at 7 and pick it up from you?” And I wait….

And you know what, they just say yes. I believe it’s for 3 reasons. I offer cash. I give a good offer, sometimes I low-ball and negotiate, but if you offer a decent portion of what they are asking, they’ll take it. Last, I set a time and say I am picking it up.

I think those things have made me successful in purchasing. People on craigslist just want cash, they want to get rid of their item, and they don’t want to play games with when you are coming and if they are going to have to meet you.  I get their address, plug it into my GPS, and show up.

If you do those things, I think you will have luck! My conversations are very short, direct, and easy. The last thing people want is for you to waste their time.  Now, I know women have been abducted, murdered, and scammed on craigslist… so that’s why I carry a handgun. Kidding. Just use your brain. Don’t go at dark, if you do, take a friend. Don’t go inside if you show up and there is just a man. Ask them to bring it outside. Keep it business like and you’ll have no issues. If it’s shady, leave. You can pick out most creeps over the phone anyway. I have had no problems and really feel like I could take some of these men anyway. I have ripped out drywall/ floors/ and sheds with my bare hands, ha! But seriously, these deals are paying off big time. We are literally saving THOUSANDS so far on this project, unbelievable.  So, those are my buying tips. I can’t wait to share more of the purchases for the house!

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2 Responses to Let’s Make A Deal!

  1. Amy says:

    You should also keep tabs on your savings….I know it wouldn’t be exact, but you could ballpark what you would have bought things for in the stores. Putting a dollar amount to savings is always a motivator…..my favorite part of couponing while grocery shopping is watching that “money saved” category at the bottom!!! Anyway, that would call for some MAJOR bragging rights when it is all said and done….ha!

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