Down to the wire…

We are literally down to the last wire being ran through the house. And well, many things are starting to change in appearance over here. Besides the fact my husband is starting to look like Jesus with a full beard and long hair, the house is coming along nicely. I can say we’ve FINALLY rounded a corner and have stopped ripping things out left and right. We are now in the reconstructive phase with this as our tentative schedule:

Wiring Completion 7/16

Re-plumbing the whole house 7/15- 7/19

Wiring Inspection- 7/19

Insulation goes in/ house prep for drywall- 7/19- 7/21

Drywall crew comes in – 7/22

Here are some pics of the electricians in action!


Canned lighting in the kitchen and the infamous storm windows… to be cleaned and painted!


The first load of Tire Mountain to go… family connection, tire store owner going to take them for $1 a tire. SWEET! And, Tim finished siding the house today, here is when he started!


So, we hoping this timeline works out and doing everything in our human and superhuman powers to see that it does! So, every step is a big step for us right now!

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2 Responses to Down to the wire…

  1. Good luck with the house.Hope you get it like you want it!

  2. Amy says:

    You should take some to the lake….maybe the docks need some…

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