Busting it Out

 We are literally busting this project out! Wahoo! This weekend we finished electrical, started plumbing, finished plumbing, removed the chimney, took several trips to the dump and scrap metal yard, and started prepping the house for drywall! I take the kids over on the weekend for a few hours to see their daddy and the progress! They love this house and it’s neat for them to watch the transformation!

Tim’s dad and brother came over to help him remove the chimney. I dont know if you remember, “Dead Mans Corner”, but there was a chimey (no fire place) suspended in the ceiling  for an old wood burning stove. It is now called, “Corner of Life.”


RIP Chimey. Here is a picture of the addition getting the siding on!


Plumbing: new main water line was ran, along with the entire house being re-plumbed.  Here is the men hard at work, thank you so much Mark! Tim had a blast on the trench digger!


Please don’t call the social workers, our kids were kind of obsessed with the trench we layed pipe in!


Fuse box before the wires went in!


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