Sidenote: Dealing with the county

So, drywall is starting on Monday. With the “Punch List” we have to work on, some family issues going on, and children… it’s literally the soonest we could swing it!

Our punch list includes: replacing any damaged hardwoods with what we salvaged out of the bath and kitchen, insulation, random vents we need to attach, a couple door jams and closet doors installed, install new locks, scrape a few more staples off the ceiling, and a few more misc. items. We are down to the details. (Interior). While they are doing the drywall, we are doing the whole exterior makeover.

Sometimes it is frustrating getting permits, dealing with insurance, and waiting for the county to do what they say they are going to do. Well, here is the latest and greatest with that. Since we had plumbing scheduled over the weekend, I had called a week in advance to have our gas lines marked. I even gave them an extra day of grace and they were a no show. So, I call the county to see what the hold up was. In general, people don’t seem to care because they aren’t really working on a timeline and don’t care about yours, rude!

“Well, mam. We are just showing that the lines haven’t been marked on your property. We have the request, it was just never done.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you. I am aware of that and that’s why I’ve called because I need them marked. Can you please tell me why this hasn’t happened?”

“No, mam. We are just showing that it hasn’t been done. I think you are going to have to re-submit a request and wait another week.” He was kind of rude and pushy and trying to just get me off the phone.

Me- furious. I am nice until someone doesn’t do their job. And then doesn’t take responsibility for it. And then asks YOU to do something about it. So I say this:

“Here’s what’s going to happen. Our plumbing is going in tomorrow. That’s not changing because I am moving into this house with my children!! I am not re-submitting, I am asking you to do your job. So, you have two options. 1. You come mark the gas lines by tomorrow. Or  2. I will be reporting a gas leak tomorrow when we start laying pipe lines into the ground and then you will have to come out anyway. So, you can either do it voluntarily or for an emergency. You Decide.”

Tim said within 30 minutes the county was out marking our gas lines. Seriously people? I hate being a “you know what” but come on!! They were just lazy and didn’t want to come out there! Sometimes you have to be tough to move this project along.

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3 Responses to Sidenote: Dealing with the county

  1. Cecilia says:

    Way to stick up for yourself! I stink at that, but I’m working on it. Hope this weekend goes smoothly!

  2. Amy says:

    You go girl!

  3. Eric D says:

    NICE! Way to get things done.

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