Moving/ Painting!

We are a little technically challenged right now…. we’ve moved and are without internet! However, we have moved right down the street and are working on Nellie Mae 24/7 it seems like!! We are staying at a vacant family members house that just became available so we can wrap up our project!

We have been fixing the front porch, the foundation needed repair. It is “curing” right now and the house is almost ready to paint! Our neighbors let us borrow their pressure washer and Tim’s parents came all day yesterday and pressure washed it for us! It looks clean now, but is ready for paint! We are going to paint this weekend, throw out some landscaping, and we’ll be ready to get back into the interior of the home and get on the homestretch with it!

I will post the color of the house, but it is Sherwin Williams, Escape Grey. I am pumped about the color. We are going for a “cottage” clean, fresh, beachy look with the house and the structural look of it. I can’t wait.

I will post pics and more updates soon!

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