Nellie Mae with Make Up

 I was hesitant to post these because there is no trim (white) paint on the house yet!!! We have to paint the front foundation still (the color of the house) after the cement cures. We also still have to paint the porch and all the trim on the house white. So….. it still has a little ways to go! BUT, WE LOVE THE PAINT!! We sprayed the whole house on Saturday! Thanks to my wonderful parents for their hard work and helping us! I didn’t get to help very long. As soon as the paint was opened, Mackenzie, my 1 year old, stuck her arm in the bucket of paint. Fun times with kids and renovation!!

Anyway, we are going to do trim, gutters, landscaping, shutters, and we are going back on the inside to wrap it up. We are a little weary, but excited about the progress. It’s been a long road so far, but in reality, we have only been working on the house for 8 weeks.  Here’s to Nellie Mae with some make up!!

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1 Response to Nellie Mae with Make Up

  1. Melisa Woznicki says:

    looking good nellie mae! 🙂

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