Back Off

I am learning it is a common thing that construction sites can have a lot of vandalism.  I have learned this because we have had a few things go missing, and it pisses me off.  My anger comes not the value of what was stolen (because most things have been small), but the fact that someone feels like they can just come on your property and take whatever they want. In broad daylight. We had a window AC unit that was the most valuable, a cooler, bug spray, and push broom. Probably stuff that equaled about $350.

 Well, anyone that knows me, knows that this thing wasn’t over. We talked to some neighbors and a few had said they saw a certain vehicle description with a  a certain male description. Both stories were the same from 2 different people. I start having thoughts of doing a “sting” where we set up a whole thing and catch the person since we know who to look for. I tell my mom and she starts thinking because she is a replica of me except a lot smarter and crazier. And she is also always packing heat.  I also begin thinking how I will just start searching myself for this person and car and follow them, and then confront them, and tell the to back the h*%% off my property.

Anyway, Tim puts all my ideas down and I let it go. UNTIL, my mom saw the truck and person parked down the street 1 mile from Nellie Mae.  I get there in about 2.5 seconds and call 911. I ask the neighbors and they said he had driven by the house just a little while ago slowly probably stalking it out again. The cops come out and I tell them the whole deal. They ask if we want to press charges, I say yes only if they see the items that were taken. They said, “So you want us to just go down there and tell him to stay off your property?” I answered with this: imagine you are in night school a few nights a week, I am your wife, and these are your kids. You go tell him this: “Your description and your vehicles description has been sighted and reported on this property. The owners and neighbors are watching you and we are going to ask you to stay off the property and leave it alone. People know to call the police if they see you there again.” So, the cop called for back up and went and showed up at this house last night and confronted him, heck yeah!

So, we’ll see. Although I don’t have my items back, I don’t care. I am happy and feel a little bit of restitution from him knowing, that I KNOW. He didn’t get away with it. He got away with nothing. It makes me so mad when people steal. I hope all the stealers out there get caught. I will do everything I can to make sure that happens! My goal is for this dude to end up with handcuffs!

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