The Home Stretch

We have been busy painting the interior and exterior, putting the finishing touches on the hardwood floors, installing gutters, shutters, and heading towards the home stretch! It has been very challenging to find extra hours in the day to work on this house. We literally work an hour here, an hour there…. I have even gone on a car ride with the kids during nap time, gotten them to sleep, and parked the car running with AC and music next to the house to get an extra 2 hours of work in! You do what you gotta do! But, we are less than 3 weeks out from move in day, so we have lots of momentum!

 We still have a good bit to do on the outside: the hideous windows have to be scraped, “Bondo-ed”, and painted, and then should look brand new. We also have to paint the rest of the foundation and porch, put the other rail up on the stairs, landscape, and put trim around the front door.

Inside, we are getting there. All trim needs to go in, we are almost done painting all ceilings and walls though! We have to sand down the original floors and restain them, not to mention putting all the light fixtures, cabinets, appliances, vanities, ect in the house. The biggest thing we have left is HVAC, which luckily my man in HVAC school, ironically, should be able to do the job  =)  Here is a picture of the re-salvaged hardwood floors ready to be sanded/stained, gutters, and the kitchen painted!

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2 Responses to The Home Stretch

  1. Cecilia says:

    It’s amazing how shutters and paint change the look of the house!

  2. Beth Stewart says:

    Nellie is looking so great, Jen!

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