Trim, Tile, and Doors!

 We have a hefty amount of projects currently going on!!
 We are painting trim and installing it all around the windows. The windows have to be caulked and painted now, then they will be finished. Also, we are painting all the interior bedroom doors and closet doors. They have the first coat on them now and are drying as I type. We are also tiling the bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom is tiled and waiting for grout and the kitchen begins today! We also have the cabinets in the house and I’m going to wait on posting those because they are so GREAT! We have to paint them so it’ll be next week. We’ve had tons of family helping out and we REALLY appreciate it!! I’ll post more pics as soon as we make some progress!

Also, if you go into Pottery Barn, you will get all the paint colors they use on a paint fan deck. I am a huge fan of everything of theirs, so we picked all PB colors.

The Den and Bedrooms are “Hush”, the bathroom is “Wedgewood Grey”, the Kitchen, “Grasslands”, and the Dining Room, “Nantucket Breeze.” Don’t forget, we purchased all the interior paint off of craigslist for $40 and tinted them ourselves to make these custom colors! I’ll have to get my awesome mother in law to do a blogpost about how to do that. Check out Deals We Scored to see the countertops Tim got, I’m so proud of him.

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