D-Day at Nellie Mae

Just to make sure that all living insects on the property were taken care of…. I did some self-extermination. There is no way I am taking any chances with my family of four + dog having “visitors” enter the house 😉

So, Step 1.  we took care of any general pests/bugs/ ants with Spectricide Granules that covered the whole yard.

Step. 2 I sprayed the entire exterior and interior perimter of the home with Home Defense Extermination for all pests.

Step. 3. We put out “De-con” in the crawl-space to take care of any mice that might ever be brave enough to enter my personal boundaries.

Step 4. I will repeat all of these in 6 weeks.

Tim thinks it’s a bit overboard and that one of our kids might grow a third arm from all these chemicals, but did you read the first post i ever did on this blog?!!!! There was a HUGE dead rat inside the property when we found it.

Anyway, these products are completely safe and you can buy them at Home Depot. I also haven’t seen one bug on that property. That’s just the way I like it!

We have all the light fixtures, chandeliers, fans, ect installed in the house and the bathroom is almost complete!! We are shooting to move in next Sat, but it might be a stretch. We may pull a mid week move in that Wednesday…

We have the floors to sand down, baseboards to go in, still finish painting those darn windows, all interior doors to go in, cabinets to paint, appliances to go in, and finish tiling the kitchen. We just might be able to pull this thing off….

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1 Response to D-Day at Nellie Mae

  1. Melissa says:

    I feel more normal after reading this post. I don’t trust any bug man to spray my house well enough, so I do it myself (and treat outside, as well). I hate, hate bugs, and never see them alive in my house.

    I’m loving the progress you’re writing about! Y’all have worked hard and have a beautiful home to show for it!

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