First Completed Room

Well, I am happy to announce that we officially have our first completed room: the bathroom. (Well, it’s actually not 100% done, we have to tile the back of the shower). BUT, I am so excited about how it turned out I had to post it NOW!

The Bathroom is completed with-

 white/gray tile- $90 (if we had paid someone to do it, it would have  been $200)

 Kohler Wellworth toilet- $75 ($200 retail)

 vanity with granite- $115 ($350 retail)

 white medicine cabinet/mirror combo- $22 ($90 retail)

 bathtub- $25 ($100 retail)

faucet- $25 ($60 retail)

light fixture-  $30 ($60 retail)

 and paint- pennies b/c we mixed it ourself (had i bought it, $30)

total amount- $382.

total saved- Retail equals $1090.00 Saved = $708

Now, to fully appreciate it… here is the dreadful before photo:

Unbelievable, right?! I am so happy because everything is turning out  better than we thought. We finished the bathroom first so we could actually use the bathroom there while we are working 😉 That’s right! Our home is turning into a home, you can actually go to the bathroom and wash your hands in the sink… I’ve never been so excited!

Go, Nellie Mae! And Tim…. I’m so impressed. Seriously. It’s easy for me to be the designer and purchaser, but he is the hands and feet of all this =)

i have to do side by side photos:


I just love this part of it all….. seeing past the old, and making it new. Love it.

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6 Responses to First Completed Room

  1. Katrin says:

    This looks fabulous! Congratulations on the great work!

  2. steph says:

    Jen–it looks awesome!! So proud of you guys:)

  3. Way to go! It looks amazing!

  4. Denny says:

    That looks great. What an amazing transformation.

  5. Kelli :) says:

    WOW!!!! It looks so amazing! What a transformation! YOU GUYS ROCK! 🙂

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