Holy Hardwoods

If floors could make you cry, these would. We refinished our hardwood floors and they are absolutely beautiful. They are 60 year old pine floors that were covered up by 3 layers of linoleum their whole life. It took a lot of prep work to remove nails, replace boards, make them even, ect…. but, it was worth all the effort!! Tim’s parents helped us with the process since they did theirs before, but basically you:

1. Sand the daylights out of them.

2. Stain them.

3. Put lots of Polyurethane on them. These steps involve a lot of time between them. We had to wait DAYS for the stain and polyurethane to dry because of the high humidity in Georgia! You could not walk on them obviously either between coats..

Well, they are done! And beautiful. We took the kids over today and my 3 year old threw himself on the floors and said, “I LOVE this house mommy!!” I felt like doing the same thing. So, we aren’t moving in this weekend, but we are almost finished. This labor day we will celebrate finishing up the house, and football of course! Life is good at Nellie Mae. I have so many pics to come of this transformation, I can’t wait!

Remember this??


We stripped them down and stained them.




They are a walnut/chocolate color. And they will make you cry.

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1 Response to Holy Hardwoods

  1. Cecilia says:

    Beautiful, great job y’all!

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