Labor Day at Nellie Mae

 We spent our Labor Day with Nellie Mae doing none other than…. laboring!

As of  today, we are beginning to move in. The place is not finished, but we think we can get more accomplished by just moving in and working on it while the kids sleep, ect. It is just getting really difficult driving back and forth, dragging the kids back and forth, and so on. So, we are going against all advice of people saying, “Do as much as you can, and then move in.” We have a ton to do, but we are moving in anyway. We are just kind of over it.

But, the big things are done. What we have left: the exterior windows to paint, the front porch foundation, and the front door trim. The inside: HVAC, baseboards, door jams and doors, bolt down the kitchen countertops and install appliances. I also have to go back and cut in painting b/c I hate cutting in.

So, wish us luck! We are going to move in and hopefully I’ll have awesome pictures soon of our move in. I’m a little worried that our stuff is not going to all fit into the house. So, this weekend we may not only be moving more of our stuff in, but having a yard sale at the same time.

Here are our last pics before we move in and the completion..




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3 Responses to Labor Day at Nellie Mae

  1. calley says:

    I cannot believe what you have done! It is such a beautiful house! I am so excited to see it!!!

  2. jessicasykes says:

    I got wine and champagne – I am ready to celebrate!!!!

  3. jessicasykes says:

    Oh and the house especially the floors look way better in person if that is even possible.

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