Building Built-Ins

This is our latest and greatest project at Nellie Mae. Before…. it was just a huge blank wall and for the left side, my Christmas tree looked good there for a while! We were in desperate need of storage and these cabinets and built ins saved our life!!

Tim, once again was the master mind behind this. I showed him a picture of what I wanted and BAM, here it is!!

The project only cost us $125. Which is kinda ridiculous! These are probably worth $2,500.

We found the cabinets on craigslist for $40, and the rest of the wood and paint came from Home Depot. I had a 10% off coupon of course. I decorated with everything we already had.

*Tim might be mad I posted this b/c he has one piece of trim left to put on the bottom. It’s okay, I’m all about the big picture.

Here is our wedding bouquet, unity candle, and photo album. The other side is a family pic, basket, and my great grandmother’s tea kettle. My huge fork and spoon I found at a yard sale this summer for $1 each. They sell at Pottery Barn for $150. Other than that, this serves as our bookshelf housing all of our books. The left side is also a mini desk area with our printer and laptop!


Thanks so much Tim, storage is the way to my heart and he has it =) We have big projects to come. Theme: YARD.

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1 Response to Building Built-Ins

  1. Cecilia says:

    Great job! Shelving like this is on my ‘dream home’ list.

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