Yard Renovation

Since it’s springtime, we’ve decided to take on our yard! Once again, it was a much bigger job than we thought!

Our lot is 1 acre. We left the woods alone and mainly focused on the front and back yard. The problems were that our yard was un-level and we had massive roots everywhere. We also only had weeds!

So, we called a hauling and grading company and they helped us out! We had 3 dumptruck loads of topsoil dropped and 2 dumptruck loads of slag rock poured for a driveway. A bobcat came along with them and completely re-graded our yard!

The next phase was our job to get some grass growing! I took on this task for a few days during the kids naptime and while Tim was at work. It included:

1. Spreading starter fertilizer everywhere so that when seeds were planted they would grow fast!

2. Spreading a one time bag of Rye grass. This grass germinates the quickest and gives you instant grass coverage until fescue makes its debut.

3. Spreading tons of Kentucky 31 Fescue!!

4. Covering our entire lot with hay. This helps keep the seeds in place and birds from eating it.

5. WATER!!! Main goal is to keep the soil moist. Too much water will rot the seed and too little water will dry it out. The grass has been my baby to take care of every day!

These pics are from a few weeks ago, so I can’t wait to post pics hopefully this week of our transformed yard! Once again, our hard work paid off!! I have never been more excited about grass =)


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