April Showers bring Nellie Mae Flowers

 I can finally say we are getting near the end over here…. now the outside is starting to look more like the inside, ha!

I wish I could say we are done with projects, but this summer we will hopefully put up a fence and build a deck…. I’ll keep you posted on that. Tim is about to break into the busiest season of the year with HVAC.

We are VERY pleased with how the yard is coming. Everything is a baby here: baby grass, baby plants, and baby shrubs! So, I’m spending a lot of time watering, fertilizing, and I am going to have to overseed the lawn just to thicken the grass up.

Our grand total for the house renovation was $19,997.48. Not bad, huh?

We are hoping to spend $800 for the fence (obviously Tim’s building it himself) and around $600 for the deck (yep, Tim).

And the complete Yard Re-Haul was right at $1000. That included : A bobcat, 3 dumptruck loads of topsoil, 2 dumptruck loads of slag rock for the driveway, FREE mulch from Cobb EMC, and some grass seed and hay.

All in all, our final budget on the house will hit right under $24,000. And that’s with the un-necessary fence and deck we just feel like adding on here! It will definitely make it nice now and nice for the re-sell later!

Happy Summertime Nellie Mae! We have a love/hate relationship with you because you have many joys, but bring us many pains!

Oh, and dang it. We will re-roof this fall with surplus shingles for $400. I’m going to stop blogging before I think of something else.


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2 Responses to April Showers bring Nellie Mae Flowers

  1. Bethany Harman says:

    Hi Jen!

    I met you at Greg’s b-day party in January. The house and yard look great! We’re thinking of building a deck on our house, too. Where you plan to buy the lumber? How big do you plan to make yours? We’re thinking about 300 sq. ft., and we’re trying to figure out the most economical way to build it! Thanks!

    • Hey Bethany!! Of course I remember you!

      That’s about the size we are going to build. Home Depot and Lowes will beat any competitors price plus 10%. There is Bates Lumber in Canton of Hwy 20 and they have lumber pretty cheap. We were going to price it out there and anywhere else and you can probably save about 20%! We are doing it ourselves so labor is a huge cost saver. However, if you do hire someone, they probably get lumber pretty cheap b/c they buy bulk. I would get a quote from a company and price it yourself! Good luck!

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