That’s really the only word I can use to describe our first 2 weeks here. We have been cleaning, ripping out, cleaning, and figuring out what to rip out next. It has taken us some time to get a game plan, but we are there. Step 1. We are finishing off where the meth lab was and making the carport look normal again. Step 2. We are gutting the bathroom and that is our next move. Step 3. Phase 1 of the new floor plan involves the entrance to the house….. I won’t get too far ahead, but that is our schedule.

Keep in mind the schedule gets thrown to the side when you discover they ran the dishwasher plumbing into the crawl-space and water comes out everywhere. You have to stop the plan and do that. Or when your circuit breaker is overloaded and running your washer and dryer could burn the whole place down. And then you contemplate if that might just be the best idea going. Anyway, we had a lot of surprises, as I like to call them, our first week here. Tim is a champ and troubleshooted everything and had all things fixed within 24 hours of diagnosing it. Love him.

Now that the Meth Lab is gone…. which by the way, I did get confirmation of the fact that meth was being kept and sold out in the “shed”, no one seems to be quite sure if it was being manufactured here. I don’t think it was… there were no signs of making it, just hiding it from what it appears to me. So glad that is over.

So, apparently, if you don’t mop your floors for a good 10 years….. because you are busy doing meth, a swiffer aint gonna cut it. Neither is harsh chemicals, neither is natural chemicals, and neither is ANYTHING I tried on these nasty floors. So, I called my sister, as she also has foreclosure buying in her blood… and she walked me through the process.

There is not just dirt, but a layer of grime that builds up if you don’t mop your floors people. So no “mop” is going to wipe it up. This is what you have to do:

1. Go to Home Depot and buy an industrial squeegee.

2. Strong chemicals.

3. Lots of arm power =)

You pour the chemicals on the floor to let them soak in. You wait. And pray. And then you come back with a hard core rubber squeegee so you don’t scratch the wood, and push as hard as you can. The grime will literally “roll up” and you will find the clean floors underneath. This is what I did to our entire house. Then went back with water to wash away any cleaner/chemical left behind. Yuck. But, worth the pay-off.

For $35…. pretty spankin clean awesome looking hardwoods. Hallelujah. I earned it 😉

So, other than that…. we have ripped out the shrubbery covering the house (because that is high on the priority list, ha!) It is not, but is a heck of a aggression relief. We hooked up Tim’s truck with a chain to each shrub and ripped them out. It may be red-neck, but it sure saved our backs! Landscaping is something we do when we need a break from the inside of the house.

We have finally figured out a new floorplan for the house, thanks to Tim’s cousin Liz who is an architect genius, and I have almost everything I need for the new bathroom we are about to rip out. I can’t wait to post the deals I found on those!

It is 2 weeks today. We are mostly un-packed, minus the things that will stay in boxes since we are rearranging the floor plan. We are tired. I have a cold. The kids are happy and they love the new house. I take a lot of breaks and we try to do normal summertime activities.

Thanks to all the friends, family, and complete strangers that have offered their support and love to us. Despite the wreck of the place, we are in love with it and the community we moved into. God has made this our passion and we thrive in seeing transformation. We hope to make this broken home whole again.

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  1. Melisa says:

    SO excited for you guys, Jen! The floors look amazing! I can’t wait to keep up with your new house. You guys were born to do this! 🙂 Love seeing the old being made new with you!

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