Pretty in Pink

Tim is making awesome headway with the bathroom this weekend. My help includes: cooking, cleaning, running to Home Depot, keeping the kids happy and not overly “helpful” to daddy 😉 If I can keep everything smooth, he can work fast and efficient. I also help set the bathtub, learned almost every tool so I can bring it to him when he needs it, and I clean up behind him so we don’t have too much drywall tracked all over the house by 12 feet (dog included!) Today, I finished both of the kiddos rooms! They have shared a room for a while, so it was very fun for them to make their own little space in the new house.

When moving, all I could get out of my little 3 year old daughter is that she wanted a PINK room! And, that was pretty easy! I made her room all about fun and toys. Her closet is a good size so all of her tiny clothes fit in there!

The only thing I bought for this room was the pink sheers for 6.99 a piece at Ross that my mom actually found.  Behind them is the oh-so-famous drop cloth curtains just to give them some depth. Everything else we already had or one of the crazy grandmothers bought her 😉 You know I love you both.

Bedding: Target clearance, Dollhouse: Target, Princess Tent: Kohls, Princess Chest of Dresses: Costco. Huge poster mattes: Pottery Barn Outlet 1.99, Rugs: Pink- Target, Freize Area Rug: Home Depot Clearance.

Which by the way- I LOVE the dollhouse because of the curtains it comes with… you can just pull them shut to hide all the clutter like my littlest one likes to put in there.

Let me just share this story. While Mackenzie is so tiny and very petite…. she has extreme attitude. She also can hang with her big brother and has an obsession with finding bugs. But, gross bugs. While moving in, I discovered (along with my mom and best friend Jessica), that she had taken worms and snails from my flower pots and put them up for lodging inside the dollhouse. No. Joke.  She had the worm tucked into the doll bed and the snails were taking a ride on the ferris wheel. And do you know what I being the good mom I am did? I just shut her door and let her be. Sometimes you just have to go with it- life lesson across the board.

We later put the worms and snails back into the flower pots after their field trip inside. Oh my.

I have one happy little girl! Can’t wait to post the boy room…

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2 Responses to Pretty in Pink

  1. Cecilia says:

    Great job!

  2. Ashly tucker says:

    Awesome job! I love this blog:)

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