Boats, Bugs, and Beemers

What is it like having an almost 6 year boy old in the house? Well, anything related to boats, bugs, and beemers and you have his full attention. *Note: we do not own a beemer, but somehow our son was born knowing about them and wants one.

Anyway, we had to incorporate all those things into one room. He also has a huge spiderman tent that he prefers to be up at all times in the middle of the room. I did take it down for the photo shoot. I bought for this rug from Pier 1  on clearance and with a 20% off coupon it was $43. I also bought the shelf above his bed from a yard sale months back for $5. The nightstand was from Goodwill for $15 that I refinished. Baskets are from Target on clearance, $5 and $10. His bedding is the boy version of Mackenzie’s quilt set also on clearance at Target, $40 for each of their quilt sets.  I had the Ikea cube shelf already as well as the curtains from Ikea. The paddles are from Tim’s old canoe. Ask Tim about what happened to his canoe sometime. I’ll give you a hint. He went down some rapids with it. Anyways, he told me I could have the paddles. So I painted them and drilled holes through them into the wall…. we don’t want paddles falling off the walls now do we?!? David is pretty happy. Since he will be a rising little kindergartener, we threw in the map and a place to hang his back-pack! (1 of the 5 backpacks he thinks he has to have on a rotation).

Here is little man’s room!

And, what do normal couples do on a date night? Dinner? Movie? Romantic Getaway? Well, over here in Renovation Land, we are going to finish the bathroom while our 2 little ones go to grandmas overnight! Laying slate, spreading grout, and getting our new bathroom in will be a huge step forward in this project being one step closer to DONE!

We still have a huge section of the house that is not live-able. The “addition” is our next demo and restore phase. It includes re-arranging the floorplan and a new front door. We wanted at least one of the bathrooms to be finished before we did that. Rooms that are done so far: Family Room, Mackenzie’s room, David’s room, and almost the bathroom. Rooms liveable, but not how we want them: Master bedroom and bathroom and Kitchen. Rooms completely out of order and not functioning- everything in the addition- dining room, sitting area, & mud-room. After the addition is finished, kitchen and master bath will be last. We are planning on being completely done by Christmas and we are on budget so far, come on Hope House!!!

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