Bathroom Finished!!

Well holy moly our bathroom is finally done!! The walls are grey to match the grey hairs we both probably have by now! No grey hairs yet, but this bathroom has seemed to DRAG along!! Mostly because this summer we moved 2 months ago, became landlords, Tim hit record hours with his job because of peak Heating and Air season, I took on a very part time job with Marietta Farmers Market, our oldest is about to start kindergarten, and we like to feel like we have a life outside of renovating a house!!

The depth of details was a pretty big deal this go around. Never underestimate the amount of time that demolition takes. It is a huge factor that requires a lot of time, clean-up, and preparation. When you hang slate, there is a sealer you have to apply, wait, then grout, and then seal everything again. I hand picked every piece of slate in the order we hung it so that it would look random, but still flow together. We cemented the underneath side of the bathtub which is a really neat way to stabilize it so it feels really solid. Tim watched drywall videos on You Tube and that was a tough job. It turned out great, but we will stick to hiring that out for future projects because of the time it takes. Drywall really does take extreme skill because you can tell if it looks crappy! In most cases, other than a small space or repairs, hire it out!!

Either way, an hour here, an hour there, a few hours on the weekend…. and BOOM! The bathroom is complete!!

We were a little discouraged we were thinking we would hit right at $750 for the bathroom, but it came in right under $1000.00. I know all in all that is pretty good for a brand new high end bathroom, but plumbing was expensive. I will start a budget breakdown but the $1000.00 included: New studs and sub-floor, wonderboard, drywall, new plumbing for sink, toilet, and shower. New electrical for lights, outlets, and vent fan. Vanity with granite, slate floors and shower, all Kohler appliances, and Venetian Bronze Delta hardware for everything.

We are very in love with it. And very grateful it.  The slate looks incredible, I love the wall color, and the dark venetian bronze matches some of the flecks of granite. Ahhh! You saw what it came from, so needless to say… we are excited to actually enjoy showering here =) It was really fun to do an expensive renovation as well. We actually have no idea what the exact value we added was, but we think it would have cost a normal person around $5000.00 – $7000.00 turn-key.

Our next project is the entrance to the house and the addition.



The Journey:


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1 Response to Bathroom Finished!!

  1. Cristina says:

    Y’all are amazing! It looks awesome and even more so in person I am sure! Great job!

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